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Examples of racial profiling by law enforcement

Racial profiling by law enforcement is a serious and ongoing issue. According to the ACLU, racial profiling is a term that describes when law enforcement officials target and discriminate against people because of their race, ethnicity, national origin or religion. Unfortunately, racial profiling leads to: False arrests – unlawfully restraining an individual Excessive force – unnecessary force by police that results in personal injury Malicious prosecutions – facing court proceedings after illegal confinement Prisoner mistreatment – mistreatment or neglect during incarceration Here are some of the most…

What are my basic rights as an inmate?

You might think that once you report to your prison sentence you lose a lot of rights. And it’s true. You lose your right to freedom, your right to vote and so many other privileges, but there are vital rights that you will always retain as a prisoner. Unfortunately, many prisons in New York and other areas of the United States frequently violate these rights. If you suspect that you’ve had your rights as an inmate violated, you may want to check to see if any of…

Personal injury law: Basic terms you should know

Personal injury plaintiffs may encounter a lot of new words and vocabulary throughout their legal proceedings. Some of this vocabulary will be rarely heard legal jargon, but other words you might be more familiar with. What follows is a listing of some vital personal injury vocabulary. If you’re not familiar with the definitions of any of the following words, be sure to read it and commit it to memory as the word may become very handy to you in the future. Here are a few common personal…

How to avoid becoming a road rage statistic

Many people are impatient on the roads today. Whether it is due to stress, traffic congestion, an inconsiderate driver or some other trigger, there are some drivers who react aggressively to others. Aggressive behavior behind the wheel can turn deadly for New York residents. Here, we provide information on how you can reduce your chances of becoming a road rage victim. Road rage is a step up from aggressive driving, according to the American Safety Council. Whereas aggressive driving can cause accidents, road rage is a deliberate…

Teen driver inexperience is a big factor in car fatalities

Nothing may be more heartbreaking than the fatality of a young New Yorker, barely touching on adulthood. As reported by the New York Post, a recent deadly car accident on the Cross Bronx Expressway illustrates just how dangerous a combination youthfulness and operating a motor vehicle can be. In this tragic instance, a three-car collision took the young life of one of the drivers, leaving the two older drivers unhurt. A 17-year-old passenger in the 18-year-old driver’s vehicle reportedly suffered very serious injury. The accident occurred at…

Staying safe while passing through construction zones

As careful as contractors are to make sure New York City worksites are safe, accidents can still happen at any time. In fact, according to The New York Times, there were 231 construction accidents in the city in 2014, which was an increase of 24 percent from the previous year. No one goes looking for trouble, but whether you walk, drive or bike through a construction zone, you might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stay alert, take some precautions and increase your chances…

Driver could face personal injury claim in drag race accident

The state of New York has established speed limits and other traffic laws in order to protect the general public. Whenever individuals choose to disobey these regulations, they put themselves and those around them at risk for accidents and even personal injury. Additionally, when one chooses to disobey these regulations, he or she also chooses to accept the consequences for this decision. In April 2016, two young men chose to drag race down a Colden, New York street. One of the vehicles in the drag race also…



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