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Common injuries that develop after a car crash

New York is a hub of activity, and the roads often pay the price in terms of overloading and traffic. An accident is something that can sideline others aside from the crash victims.

You may believe you know how to handle the aftermath of an accident. However, you need to watch out for injuries that may lurk below the surface. Familiarize yourself with these three major problems that may start as something much less.

  1. Internal bleedingA serious side effect of hitting something hard in the vehicle during a crash is bruising. Those green and black marks indicate bleeding under the skin. While many may not indicate a serious injury, there are some signs you need to keep an eye on. If the bruise turns black and begins to spread, it may mean that you have serious internal bleeding. Too much blood loss may cause permanent damage and harm to your organs if left untreated for too long.
  2. Cranial issuesThe brain is the nerve center of the body. A blow to the head that seems minor may turn into something much more serious. A brain injury may consist of a concussion or bruise of the brain. While these two conditions typically heal, it is best to get them checked by a doctor who can diagnose more serious injuries like brain bleeds, swelling and worse before they affect other parts of the body.
  3. PTSDA traffic accident can leave you battered and bruised. It can also leave you scarred, both physically and mentally. You may believe that post-traumatic stress disorder only occurs in first responders, veterans and those who experience a violent crime or event. However, this is simply not true. Any event that the brain deems traumatic may lurk in the psyche until something triggers it. Flashbacks may make you feel like the accident is happening again in real-time instead of in the past. Thus, treatment for anything that resembles PTSD should remain a priority for your health.

Car crash injuries may not appear severe at first, but you may wind up regretting not getting checked out afterward. If you feel like you have an injury that is the result of a motor vehicle accident and need help getting medical treatment, you may want to visit an attorney for help.




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