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Holding Authorities Accountable For Prisoner Abuse

Being held in jail removes a person’s freedom, but it should not result in the loss of basic human rights. Your constitutional rights remain in place even while awaiting a trial in prison or while completing a jail sentence. Yet statistics on abuse of prisoners continue to be staggering.

Prisoner abuse is any act of assault committed against an incarcerated person while he or she is in the custody of a jail, prison or holding facility. These harmful acts are usually acted out by correctional officers, correctional facility employees or other inmates.

If you or a loved one is the victim of prison abuse, the experienced civil rights lawyers at Sivin, Miller & Roche LLP, in New York can file a lawsuit on your behalf. You may deserve money to compensate for the suffering you have endured. You may also deserve money to cover medical bills for gunshot wounds or other injuries caused by the police.

Before you file a lawsuit for prisoner abuse, steps must be taken to exhaust all administrative remedies at the detention facility. We will lead you through these procedures to ensure that everything is done properly leading up to filing your lawsuit.

Why You Need Experienced Representation

These are challenging cases to prove that require experienced civil rights lawyers. Our attorneys will take prompt action to get your medical records and other evidence from the jail or prison. We can also interview prison guards, correctional officers and other witnesses to the abuse.

There is a small window of opportunity to gather evidence to support an occurrence of prisoner abuse. It is imperative that we are contacted as soon after the incident as possible in order to get inside the facility and collect evidence before it is destroyed.

Get In Touch With Our New York Lawyers Right Away

If you have questions about an incident of prisoner abuse or any other civil rights violation, you can schedule an appointment with our New York attorneys. Call us at 800-836-3152, or email us. We can meet with you where you are being held.

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