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Holding Nightclubs And Restaurants Accountable For Assaults

New York is synonymous with entertainment and a vibrant nightclub scene. Unfortunately, when a large number of people gather in a bustling environment and many of them are consuming alcohol, violence can erupt.

Injuries often occur during fights and other disturbances at New York restaurants and nightclubs. The business isn’t always liable for injuries, but it could be if its employees failed to take appropriate action. In other instances, it may be possible to prove the club management inadequately trained its security personnel or did not have a sufficient number of them working.

The right personal injury attorney can help maximize your recovery. At the law firm of Sivin, Miller & Roche LLP, in New York, we have successfully represented numerous individuals in cases against New York restaurants and nightclubs. These cases include patrons who are injured when a fight breaks out — whether they are involved in the fight or not — or customers who are injured as a result of excessive force used by a security worker or another employee.

Attorneys Experienced In Taking On Negligent Establishments

Count on our lawyers to thoroughly investigate the history of the nightclub for details that may play a role in your lawsuit. Important questions include:

  • How often has law enforcement been called to this particular establishment?
  • How did management respond to prior incidents of assault or bar fights?
  • Have patrons of the nightclub often been found to carry guns or knives?
  • Should the security personnel have detected and removed the weapon used in the assault?
  • Were security personnel properly trained in how to spot potential problems and respond to incidents?

Don’t Accept A Settlement Before Talking To A Lawyer

Talk to a lawyer before settling. If you have been the victim of nightclub violence and the owner of the club or its insurance company wants to settle with you directly, be wary. Club owners and insurance companies won’t typically pay sufficient damages voluntarily. They need to be encouraged to do so through litigation.

The lawyers of Sivin, Miller & Roche LLP, will interact with the insurance companies on your behalf, striving diligently to maximize your compensation through negotiation or litigation. We are confident courtroom advocates and are more than willing to take your case to trial to obtain the best results possible for you.

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