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Strong Assistance For Those Wrongfully Convicted

Recent advances in forensic science have revealed a disturbing truth: hundreds of individuals have been convicted, imprisoned and even put to death for crimes they never committed. New DNA evidence confirms this fact. But what can be done about the problem?

Wrongfully convicted persons require compensation, not just for lost wages and the pain and suffering endured while incarcerated, but also for the substantial obstacles they face when they attempt to re-enter and regain their life after prison.

From the offices of Sivin, Miller & Roche LLP, our lawyers have advocated on behalf of victims of wrongful convictions and other civil rights violations for many decades. Let us fight for justice and fair compensation on your behalf, too.

What Wrongful Conviction Means

In order to file a wrongful conviction lawsuit, a person has to have been incarcerated and has to have been proven innocent of the charges. A reversal because of a judicial error or some other technicality is not sufficient.

If you have been wrongfully convicted, you need a law firm on your side with a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes with wrongful conviction claims. Our lawyers pursue all avenues to uncover new evidence or errors at your trial that can help lead to a reversal of your conviction.

Call Our Attorneys 24/7 For The Help You Need

If you have questions regarding wrongful convictions in New York, call 800-836-3152 or email us to schedule an appointment. We return all calls within 24 hours, and usually much sooner. When necessary, we will meet with you in the evening or on a weekend in a jail or prison if you are still being held by authorities.

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