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Lack of mental health treatment for prisoners is unconstitutional

The lack of mental health treatment in New York prisons has been described as “cruel and unusual punishment.” A 2017 report by the Department of Justice found that mentally ill prisoners are more likely to be held in solitary confinement and they are likely to be victimized by other prisoners and prison staff. Inadequate mental health treatment in prisons The shortage of mental health treatment to meet the need of prisoner’s rights is a human rights issue. It is universally considered to be inhumane to detain people…

Are you under investigation for healthcare insurance fraud?

Let us say that you and your partners operate a family medical practice. There are three physicians and a staff of 12 that includes two people who handle accounts payable and receivable. With Mary and Joe as the focus, your office is currently under investigation for possible healthcare insurance fraud. What should you do? A little background Fraud is a white-collar crime that takes many forms: money laundering, embezzlement, credit card fraud, mail fraud, tax evasion and healthcare fraud, among others. While these are not violent crimes,…

The dangers of food poisoning

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach and immediately blamed it on something you ate? While most minor indigestion issues pass on their own, some situations may be more severe. In fact, foodborne illnesses can sometimes be fatal. Restaurants have a duty to serve food that is both fresh and well-prepared. It is especially easy to mishandle meat and dairy products if a cook is not careful. If you have experienced significant pain or illness from poorly-prepared food, you may be able to hold the restaurant…

Could your DWI conviction turn on a breath test device issue?

Machinery fails. Equipment ceases to work properly. Your charge of driving while intoxicated may not hold up in court. Why? Something may have happened to make your breath test inadmissible as evidence. A breath test device issue arises In the summer of 2016, a private attorney alerted the Philadelphia Police Department that the calibrations on their breath test devices were out of date. The accuracy of blood alcohol readings depends on the solution used in the instruments, and the date on the solution in the Philadelphia machines…



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