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What are 3 tips for better pedestrian safety in construction?

You live in New York, which means that you’re likely to come across a construction zone at one time or another. It might be in the way on your morning commute or blocking the path to your favorite coffee shop.

If you do need to be around a construction site, there are some safety tips you should remember as a pedestrian. Here are three that can help keep you safe.

  1. Don’t hang around in a construction zoneThe first tip is to make sure you move through the area quickly. Sometimes, younger teens and adults think it’s fun to go into construction sites when workers aren’t present. This is dangerous, because there are construction hazards that could lead to injuries. If you have to enter a construction zone, make sure you pass through it quickly and move on.
  2. Make eye contact with workersIf you are moving through the construction area on a day when the workers are present, it’s smart to make eye contact or some conversation with them. That way, they know you’re there and may pause or change what they’re doing to make your pathway safer. Although your walkway is likely marked off, it’s still a good idea to make sure they know you’re walking through to prevent injuries.
  3. Avoid walking on dangerous walkwaysFinally, avoid walking through areas that appear uneven or unstable. Even if there is a walkway provided or a narrow passage available, you need to look at it closely to decide if it’s safe enough to allow you to pass through. Loose gravel, sharp rocks and other debris could cut you or cause injuries, so it’s best to avoid the area when possible.

    These are some tips for pedestrians near construction zones. Be cautious, so you can move around them safely. If you do end up with injuries due to negligence or the actions of the construction team, your attorney can help you with a claim.




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