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Your rights while in prison

After being arrested and taken to jail in New York, you might think that you will have the bare minimum of supplies and poor conditions to get you through. However, there are certain rights that you have as an inmate so that you feel safe and so that you are as healthy as possible while awaiting trial or until your release date.

Humane conditions

One right that inmates have is humane conditions. You also have the right to not be treated as though you’re guilty before you have a trial. The facility should have running water and proper plumbing so that you can maintain your hygiene. Your rights also include having access to three meals a day.


A right that you have while in prison is to remain with people of other races and ethnic groups. You should not feel as though you have been segregated because you are of a certain race. Keep in mind that there are times when disciplinary action could be needed, which could result in separating you from the general prison population for a short time.

Medical care

While in prison, you have the right to receive proper medical care whether you are a man or woman. If you’re a woman who is pregnant while in jail, then the proper treatment should be provided until you deliver. Facilities typically make sure inmates have prescribed medications available when they are scheduled to be taken as well as supplies on hand in an emergency.

Prison systems have a duty of care toward their inmates. You have a right to humane conditions and care while incarcerated.




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