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What should you do if you’re hit by falling debris?

There are many different reasons that someone could get hurt while working on a construction site. From falling from scaffolding to getting hit by a falling object, there are various accidents that could happen.

While construction workers have protections like hardhats and safety glasses, people walking near or around a construction site may not have anything to protect them. A construction site should be designed to keep all hazards within its bounds, but uneven walkways and debris could impact others.

What should you do if you’re hit by a falling object near a construction site?

If you are struck by a falling object while walking around a construction site, it’s very important that you seek medical help. You or someone nearby should inform the construction workers or team that you’ve been hurt as a result of their work.

You should seek immediately medical care after the construction team is notified. When you go to the hospital, you can say what happened and should let the doctor know that you were injured as a result of the construction zone and debris.

When possible, you should reach out to the person running the project to talk about making a claim or being compensated for what you’ve gone through. If the team was not being safe or the construction zone wasn’t safe for pedestrians to be around, then there should have been better safety precautions taken by the crew.

Our website has more information about what you can do if you were hurt while walking around a construction zone in New York City.




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