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These 3 work zone hazards affect pedestrians and workers

There are many kinds of accidents that can happen on construction sites, which is why people should not be on a construction site without permission. Sometimes, especially in New York, you may have to walk through an area that is under construction. Doing that, you could be exposed to many of the hazards that workers face. You could also be an independent contractor working for a company and end up suffering an injury, which then requires you to make a personal injury claim instead of workers’ compensation claim.

Whether you’re walking through the area or work there, there are a few hazards that could lead to injuries. These could include:

  • Breathing in contaminants and pollutants
  • Noise-related injuries
  • Drop-related injuries

Here’s an example. If you’re walking by a construction site that is creating dust, you could find it difficult to breathe. Someone with a preexisting condition, like asthma or allergies, could even have a life-threatening reaction. Longer-term exposure could lead to lung cancer, silicosis or other injuries, depending on what’s inside the dust cloud.

Another example of an injury you could suffer is one related to noise. It’s no secret that construction sites are noisy, so ear plugs or other protective gear may be used by workers. If you’re exposed to high levels of noise regularly, your hearing could be damaged.

Finally, there is the risk of drop-related injuries. Workers who don’t tether their equipment correctly could hit pedestrians or other workers with falling objects.

If you’re hurt in a construction area, you deserve support. A personal injury claim could help you cover your medical care and other financial losses.




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