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Rights that you have while in prison

In the event that you’re arrested and have to spend time in jail in New York, the U.S.C Constitution grants you certain rights that you have. If you feel that you haven’t been provided those rights, then you could contact an attorney to file a claim or a complaint.

Humane conditions

Even though you’ve committed a crime, it doesn’t mean that you should have to live in conditions that are inhumane. As part of your prisoner’s rights, you are entitled to clean facilities, working sinks and toilets, and a lack of fire hazards. You are not to be punished with conditions that aren’t favorable just because you have been arrested.

Criminal acts and separation

As an inmate, one of the rights that you have is to be free of sexual crimes. This includes any kind of sexual harassment from other prisoners or the guards. You also have the right to be in the same facility as those of other races instead of being segregated because of your race. If you have a complaint, you should be comfortable enough to submit any issues that you have without worrying about any kind of retaliation.

Medical care

While you’re incarcerated, you have the right to proper medical care, especially if you have a known medical condition or you’re disabled. You have the right to see a nurse if there’s a medical emergency or to be transported to a medical facility if the need arises. Mental health care is included. You can request a hearing if you feel that you haven’t been provided with adequate care.

Although you have committed a crime, you still have similar basic rights that others have until you are released from prison.




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