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Families of Incarcerated: Resources for Tracking the Latest News

Blog by Jake Ethé, on behalf of Sivin, Miller & Roche LLP:

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in what ways we can, Sivin, Miller & Roche LLP recognizes the anxiety that many of the families of our incarcerated clients–and, indeed, the families of all incarcerated persons–must feel during this difficult and rapidly-evolving time. We are committed to providing you with the best resources that the nation’s legal professionals have to offer, so that you can remain up to date with how governments and prisons are responding to COVID-19 and how it may affect your loved one.

The extraordinary team at the UCLA Law Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project has compiled a comprehensive spreadsheet of resources on this topic, with links ranging from news on current activist initiatives, to the responses of individual governments and prisons nationwide, to data on prisoner and pre-trial detainee releases, and more. We share this with you below in hopes that it may help you get a more secure understanding of what is currently happening, how things are or might be changing, and what to expect going forward.

Access the Spreadsheet Here




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