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Driver could face personal injury claim in drag race accident

The state of New York has established speed limits and other traffic laws in order to protect the general public. Whenever individuals choose to disobey these regulations, they put themselves and those around them at risk for accidents and even personal injury. Additionally, when one chooses to disobey these regulations, he or she also chooses to accept the consequences for this decision.

In April 2016, two young men chose to drag race down a Colden, New York street. One of the vehicles in the drag race also carried two passengers. At the same time as the race, a truck was turning into a driveway along this same street. The car racing with passengers inside crashed into the truck. The 28-year-old passenger was killed, and the other passenger suffered serious injuries.

The two drivers who were drag racing have recently plead guilty to charges stemming from this accident. The driver of the car carrying the passengers was charged with manslaughter. When sentenced in December 2016, he could be facing up to a 15 year prison term. The other driver could be facing up to a four year prison term.

In addition to the criminal charges that the driver carrying the passengers faces, it is also possible that he will have to answer for his decisions in a New York civil court. In conjunction with the emotional turmoil that these passenger’s families are dealing with, there are undoubtedly financial and medical concerns that need to be addressed. It is possible that they make seek legal remedies through a wrongful death or personal injury claim against the driver.

Source:, “Two drag racers plead guilty in fatal crash”, Oct. 14, 2016




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