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Do you need surgery for a broken hand?

One personal injury that is a shock to those who suffer from it is a broken hand. Broken hands can range from having a single broken bone to having several shattered bones throughout.

Hand breaks usually do require a visit to the doctor or the hospital. In some cases, you may need surgery to secure the bones. In other cases, splints might be used to reduce the likelihood of further damage and movement.

Hand injuries can be handicapping. There is a real potential that your hand may not work the same as it used to as a result of a break. Another serious risk is that an infection could take hold, which is more likely in the hand due to the many tendons, ligaments and potential hiding places for bacteria.

Can hand fractures heal without surgery?

In some cases, yes. It all depends on the type of break. An incomplete fracture may not need to be set, which means that it’s more likely to heal in place. Bones that are out of place should always be set back in their proper alignment for the best recovery to take place.

With 27 bones in the hands, it’s easy to see how a few breaks could disrupt the entire function of your hand. You may notice that your hand is broken if it shows a deformity, swelling or bruising.

Get immediate attention for any injury that you think has resulted in a broken bone, so you can start healing properly. You can seek compensation from anyone who caused this injury, so you can focus on healing instead of the cost of medical care.




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